Quincy Lau

Founder of autismilee
Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
Master of ABA (St. Cloud State University)

Since graduation in the United States, Quincy started working with children with autism in the States. After she relocated to Hong Kong, she has been professionally trained as a therapist and supervisor in one of the largest ABA providers and NGO for underprivileged families for children with autism. She has been working with diverse individuals with autism of different age range and settings, such as conducting 1 on 1 at home or centre settings, social groups and school shadowing. Moreover, she provided ABA training for parents, caregivers, and therapists.

The daily work of behavior analysts is to design appropriate courses based on children and to disassemble various skills to the extent that children can learn. As a mother of two children, Quincy understands that children's growth requires multiple cooperation, and hopes to share their experiences through the platform of Sennection and strengthen the confidence of parents in educating their children.

10+ Years

As ABA therapist